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Stainless Steel In-wall Fill Box

The 715F series remote fill box is a simple 7-gallon capacity cabinet that provides containment of small spills during tank filling operations. Each unit is supplied with wall mounting flanges for easy installation.

Product Features

Standard Features

7-gallon (26.49 liter) capacity

2″ male NPT threaded back connection

Installs flush into a wall

Vented and weatherproof

Hinged door is lockable with a padlock

Drain located bottom front center

Available with hand pump assembly, ball valve, quick disconnect check valve coupler/adaptor, dry disconnect adaptor, and dust cap/plug in 2″ configuration

All connection assemblies are factory installed and tested prior to shipping

Construction Details

  • Box and door: 304 stainless steel
  • Ball valve: Morrison 691 series brass or 691BSS series stainless steel
  • Quick disconnect coupler and plug: Aluminum, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Quick disconnect adaptor and cap: Anodized aluminum
  • Dry disconnect adaptor and cap: Aluminum, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Hand pump: Steel construction, PTFE seals with FKM o-rings, or stainless steel with PTFE and FKM

Box dimensions

Width = 24.26″ (Flange = 30″)

Height = 32.51″ (Flange = 38.50″)

Depth = 19″

Code Compliance

CAN-ULC-S663-11; Florida DEP EQ-787

Product Ordering Instructions

Model Size Description
715FS-TK2-2ES0 2”-7-gal. SS in-wall, back connection, DEF, with stainless steel dry-disconnect and stainless steel ball valve
715FS-TK2-2DBB 2”-7-gal. SS in-wall, back connection, dry disconnect with cap
715FS-TK2-2QBB 2”-7-gal. SS in-wall, back connection, DEF, stainless steel quick disconnect & stainless steel ball valve
*Consult Price List for additional options.