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FIG 748A

Pressure Vacuum Vent with Pressure Discharge Hood - Brass

This pressure vacuum vent is designed for installation on top of the vent pipe of an aboveground or underground storage tank. Poppets seal vapors in the tank when pressure is equalized. The vent allows the tank to “breathe” during filling and dispensing operations.

Product Features

Standard Features

Directs vapors outward and upward in compliance with NFPA 30

Tri-polar design for mounting exhaust hood in any of three positions

Optional dryer connections accommodate the installation of desiccant dryers on vacuum connection

Optional pressure discharge hood facilitates piping pressure relief to desired discharge point

Settings are approximate

Construction Details

  • Body and hood: Aluminum
  • Seats: Passivated aluminum
  • Poppets: Brass
  • Screens: Stainless steel

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
748A 1500 AV 2” 8oz/ Pressure Vacuum Vent-Brass Int w/Pressure Discharge Hood 9.25