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Oil and Molasses Gate Valve with Locking Nut

Manually operated shut-off valve for use with heavy oils and other non-flammable viscous fluids stored in non-pressurized containers.

WARNING: These faucets are intended for use with non-flammable viscous liquids stored in or dispensed from non-pressurized containers at ambient room temperature. Morrison Bros. is not responsible for the function or safety of this product if it has been altered in any way or used under conditions other than those stated above.

Product Features

Standard Features

Pad-lockable up to and including 2″ size

Locknut option for easy orientation of spout direction

Construction Details

  • Body: Cast iron
  • Faceplate: Brass
  • Handle: Stamped steel

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
215AN 0100 1V .75” Oil and Molasses Gate Valve w/Lock Nut


215AN 0500 1V 2” Oil and Molasses Gate Valve w/Lock Nut 4.5