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FIG 334

Single Poppet Foot Valve

Installed at the inlet of a suction line normally at the bottom of the storage tank as a prime holding valve.

Product Features

Standard Features

Metal to metal seat for long life

Screen helps filter debris from collecting on the seats

334BP drilled and tapped with 1/8″ test plug

334LP is less poppet for use as a suction stub strainer

Construction Details

  • Body and poppet: Brass
  • Screen: 20 mesh stainless steel

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
334 0100 AV .75” Single Poppet Foot Valve 1
334 0200 AV 1” Single Poppet Foot Valve 1.25
334 0300 AV 1.5” Single Poppet Foot Valve 2.25
334 0400 AV 2” Single Poppet Foot Valve 4.75
334BP 0100 AV 1.5” Vertical Check Valve w/ 1/8” Port Hole 2.5
334LP 0100 AV .75” Suction Strainer w/out Poppet 1
334LP 0200 AV 1” Suction Strainer w/out Poppet 1.25