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FIG 699F

Ball Valve Barrel Faucet - Faucet Style

Ball valve barrel faucets are installed on small tanks, utility tanks, overhead farm tanks, and drums as a gravity flow shut-off valve.

Product Features

Standard Features

Lockable with a padlock

Ball valve style for quick and easy quarter turn operation

699F is male threads by female threads

Construction Details

  • Faucet: Brass
  • Handle and lock lever: Stainless steel

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
699F 0400 1F .75” x .75” Barrel Faucet - Ball Valve Style 1.25
699F 0500 1F 1” x 1” Barrel Faucet - Ball Valve Style 1.75
699F 0600 AF 1” x .75” Barrel Faucet - Ball Valve Style (with 3/4” bushing) 2