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FIG M100

Four-Way Reversing Valve

The M series is a directional flow control valve used to simplify the filling and emptying of waste oil containers on lube trucks or for transferring fluids from bulk supply to other tanks.

Product Features

Standard Features

Unrestricted flow

Simplifies installations by eliminating the need for multiple valves

Two positions—fill tank or empty tank—for easy operation

Four threaded (5/16″) mounting holes for flush mount installation

100 PSI maximum working pressure

Construction Details

  • Body and spool: Anodized aluminum
  • O-Ring: FKM
  • Hardware: Stainless steel

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
M075 0100 AVAS .75” 4-Way Reversing Valve 6.5
M100 0100 AVAS 1” 4-Way Reversing Valve 6.5
M1150 0100 AVAS 1.5” 4-Way Reversing Valve 6
M200 0100 AVAS 2” 4-Way Reversing Valve 6