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Hose Nozzle Swivel for Potable Water - Aluminum (Anodized Clear)

Installed in-between the hose and the inlet of the nozzle to improve operator handling.

Product Features

Standard Features

Reduces hose wear

Smooth 360ΒΊ single plane rotation

Durable construction

Tested for electrical continuity per UL 567

Construction Details

  • Female end: Aluminum, anodized
  • Male end: Steel, plated
  • O-rings: FDA FKM

Code Compliance

1” meets U.S. military specs. Drawings 8837317-03 and 13225E9138-1. Anodized

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
122HWA 0100 ASA 1” x 1” Aluminum Hose Swivel for Potable Water (Anodized Clear) 0.5