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FIG 231A

Aluminum Fuel Oil Nozzle - 1.5”

Manual shut-off nozzle primarily designed for fuel oil delivery.

Product Features

Standard Features

Lightweight construction

Dual disc for easy opening cushion closure

Right angle design

Drag lugs for protection and durability

Integrated hold-open notches

Construction Details

  • Body and cap: Aluminum
  • Internal components: Brass
  • Stem: Brass
  • Discs: FKM (PTFE available)
  • Packing: PTFE
  • Spout and adaptor: Brass (13/8″ OD)

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
231A 0600 AN 1.5” Aluminum Fuel Oil Nozzle w/o Tube (PTFE) 6.0