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FIG 779

Anodized Aluminum Relief Cap

Cap installed on flexible fabric fuel or water tank vent lines.

Anodized aluminum relief cap only. If you are looking for the cap with arrestor, see FIG 780.

Product Features

Standard Features

Hinged cap relieves pressure at 2″ of water column + or - 1″

Arrester protects tank contents from fire during filling operations

Construction Details

  • Body and handle: Anodized aluminum
  • Cover: Stainless steel
  • Gasket: Buna-N or FDA Buna-N

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
779 0100 ACAA 2” Relief Cap - Aluminum - For Use w/Fuels 0.5
779 0200 ACAA 2” Relief Cap - Aluminum - For Use w/Potable Water 0.5