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FIG 184D

Duplex Bushing

Duplex bushings are used to convert a single tank or pipe opening to two smaller threaded openings.

Product Features

Standard Features

Male NPT threads (OD)

Two female NPT threads from the top down

One of the female threaded openings is also threaded from the bottom up

Compression fittings available

Construction Details

  • Body: Zinc plated cast iron (2” models only)
  • Body: Cast iron (4” models)
  • Compression fittings: Brass

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight
184D 0100 1B 2” x 3/8” x 3/8” Duplex Bushing with Connectors

12 oz.

184D 0200 1B 2” x .5” x .5” Duplex Bushing with Connectors 11 oz.
184D 0300 AB 4"x .75"x .75” Duplex Bushing with Connectors 4.65 lb.
184D 0301 MB 4"x .75"x .75” Duplex Bushing Less Connectors 4.1 lb.
184D 0401 MB 4"x .1"x .1” Duplex Bushing Less Connectors 3.8 lb.