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Clock Gauge Alarm with Metric Face and British Pipe Threads

Utilizes the 818 style Clock Gauge with a built-in high level warning alarm. Contains a battery powered, intrinsically safe, alarm unit that is mounted remote from gauge. Alarm is set for desired level during installation and can be reset at any time for a change in alarm level requirements.

  • Patent Number 5144836 and 5649450.

Product Features

Gauge Unit

  • Body: Aluminum with 2” NPT/BSP Male/Female connection
  • Float: Stainless Steel
  • Cable: Stainless Steel
  • Vapor tight construction
  • Swivel 360° for desired orientation
  • High level / low level decals for application on lens cover
  • Standard float fits through a 2” schedule 40 pipe nipple
  • Optional drop tube float fits through 2” schedule 40 and 80 pipe nipple and works with 2” Morrison 419 drop tube

Alarm Unit

  • Plastic weatherproof housing
  • 90 decibel high pitched “beep” cycle alarm
  • Features a push-button test switch
  • Powered by two 9 volt batteries (included)
  • Only alarm unit is UL listed

Product Ordering Instructions

Figure Suffix Size Description Weight (lbs)
918MEB 0100 AG 2” Clock Gauge Alarm/Metric Face/BSP Thd w/Standard Float 6.3
918MEB 0400 AG 2” Clock Gauge Alarm/Metric Face/BSP Thd w/Drop Tube Float 6.3
(Float Fits 2” Schd.40 & 80 Pipe & 2” MBC 419 Drop Tube)